WTEF is dedicated to building life champions through tennis and academic excellence. We work to give underserved kids a safe environment they trust and where they can excel. We empower our students to achieve their highest potential by developing meaningful values and critical life skills that will lead them to success. Read More

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Join a Life Champions Tour!

Come join us at our beautiful East Capitol Campus for a one-hour tour of WTEF’s mission and programs.  The Life Champions Tour features key staff who deliver services to the children.  You’ll leave uplifted by the great work going on at WTEF.  Upcoming tours are scheduled for:

Thursday, December 4, 4:30 pm          Wednesday, December 10, 11:00 am
Saturday, January 24, 10:00 am          Wednesday, February 18, 11:00 am
Saturday, February 28, 11:00 am         Tuesday, March 10, 11:00 am

Contact Carolyn Stevens  for details and sign up above to reserve your spot.

A Little Tough Love and a Lot of Hard Work

As we come to the end of another year, we are proud of the progress and many accomplishments of the nearly 1,500 students we serve.  WTEF just finished a hugely successful, non-stop summer, serving hundreds of students every day at our Northwest and East Capitol Campuses (more than ever previously).  WTEF students improved their grades and attendance rates, participated in regional tennis tournaments and won a regional essay contest! 

With just a few weeks before the new school year started we further reflected on our work and the individual impact is has on our students.  If you ever wonder what “building life champions” means, a letter from one parent provides an answer. IMG_1650.JPG

Ike and Ife are 10-year-old twins who have been in the CFE for one year.  They live in Ward 7 with their single mother and four older siblings.  Their mother needed a good afterschool program for them but was worried about enrolling Ike, who has Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), into a fitness program.   The CFE staff took the time and care to closely monitor, and has actually improved his health over the past year.  “He had a 98% [school] attendance rate! For a child with SCD, this is impressive … Ike and Ife are fit, tough, strong and flexible.  All of these character traits have been refined at WTEF”.  Both children have also benefitted greatly from the CFE’s academic support.  Ife now has 100% attendance at school.

“I thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart for all of the hard work, the tough love and the consistency of your organization. Inspiring my children to become lifelong learners and lifelong champions is a wonderful opportunity for any child to experience”.

This is what happens day-in and day-out at WTEF.  Sign up for a Life Champions tour today and see our programs in action!

Laying the Foundation of Support

WTEF partners with many local foundations in an efforts to provide effective afterschool programming to students throughout DC.  WTEF was proud to recently join a couple of these partners to celebrate their many years of services. Year in and year out, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (JKCF) and the DC Children & Youth Investment Trust (DC Trust) have been invaluable partners with WTEF and have proven their unwavering commitment to the success of young people in the DC area.

JCKF was established in 2004 and started the Good Neighbor Grants program 2012 to identify and strengthen ties with youth-serving nonprofit organizations in the Northern Virginia, metropolitan Washington, DC, and Maryland areas that are helping students with significant financial need reach their full potential through education.  For 15 years, the DC Trust has worked to expand the quality and accessibility of in and out-of-school programs for children and youth in Washington, DC.  They provide grants, technical assistance, youth worker training, capacity building, learning opportunities, and policy support in the District.  

When asked about why they choose to support WTEF, JKCF Program Associate, Astrik Tenney stated, “WTEF is unique from other organizations we fund.  It uses tennis as the catalyst for positive youth development and academic excellence; they have found a wonderful way to duplicate the lessons learned on the court into the classroom”.

It is no under estimation to say that WTEF could not provide our tennis and academic programs to nearly 1,500 children each year if it were not for the support of friends like JKCF and the DC Trust.  For that, we are grateful.