Job Description

Position: Senior Program Manager

Immediate Supervisor: Director of Programs

Purpose: Organize and deliver college-readiness, high school bridge, tennis-focused, and parent engagement programs.


WTEF’s mission is to build life champions by providing children and youth a safe and trusting environment in which they can excel. WTEF offers tennis and academic programs that empower students to achieve their highest potential. These programs develop critical skills and instill meaningful values that prepare the students for life-long success.


  • Achieve a minimum of an 80% attendance rate across programs
  • Achieve a 95% or higher college, trade school, or military acceptance rate of all students graduating from the Center for Excellence (CFE)
  • Student preparedness portfolios reflect WTEF preparedness metrics, including students’ athletic and academic progress
  • Highly engaged CFE parent community (must host a parent event quarterly with a minimum of 50% attendance)


All Programs

  • Assist with program planning and administration
  • Maintain attendance and retention records
  • Maintain demographic information database
  • Facilitate all virtual programming

Center for Excellence

  • Create and maintain an academic and athletic package
  • Facilitate and assist in academic high school and college prep/placement
  • Maintain and evaluate athletic development tracking
  • Maintain a database that tracks each student’s grades, classes, Universal Tennis Rating (UTR), etc.
  • Facilitate submission of college and scholarship applications
  • Assist juniors with SAT/ACT prep
  • Plan and lead college tours
  • Collect grade cards from all students quarterly
  • On a quarterly basis, meet with each student individually to discuss their athletic and educational progress
  • Coordinate USTA essay contest
  • Coordinate summer field trips
  • Facilitate parent events and track engagement (attendance, participation, etc.) in various conferences, training, and special events

Measurements of Success

  • Maintained and accurate databases
  • Number of students who complete college and scholarship applications
  • Number of seniors who matriculate into college, trade school, or military
  • Number of parent events and activities and attendance

Education and Experience


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3-5 years of relevant experience
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills are required


  • Master’s degree, preferably in education or a counseling field of study

Desired Skills

  • Excellent time and program management, organization, and delivery skills
  • Collaborative and communicative team member
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Suite
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

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