Fund A Future

Fund a Future
Celebrating 60 Years of Champions

Fund a Future to Change a Future.

In honor of our 60th anniversary the Washington Tennis & Education Foundation (WTEF) is excited to introduce Fund a Future to all of our supporters.

For the past six decades WTEF has been changing the lives of student/athletes and helping them break generations of poverty to become Life Champions.  This has been achieved through the various intensive programs involving tennis and academic excellence that WTEF offers underserved children throughout our area.

Health and social science researchers tell us that the hours immediately after school are the most dangerous time for our children.  Children in the underserved neighborhoods where we work don’t have many options for their after school hours--gangs or home alone are about it.  Between 3 and 6 o’clock they are making disastrous choices that will affect their whole lives, like getting involved with drugs, gangs or underage drinking.

It is during these critical hours that WTEF offers an enticing alternative:  the chance to play tennis and study to do better in school.  And the children respond.  More than 70 percent of the student/athletes in our programs come back, year after year, compared to just 50 percent in other high performing after school programs nationally. And, 100% of the student/athletes who stay with us graduate from high school. 

One reason our student/athletes have been so successful is because of the resources offered through our Fund a Future efforts. For years this has been an initiative offered at our popular fundraising event — the Tennis Ball.

In celebration of our 60th anniversary, we have opened up the initiative to all supporters of WTEF.  You don’t have to attend the Tennis Ball to support Fund a Future now.

Last year, the Fund a Future Campaign raised nearly $230,000 – all in one night at our annual Tennis Ball.  This year, our goal is $300,000 and we plan to get there by engaging all supporters, not just the guests at the Tennis Ball.

Make a difference right now and support Fund a Future with a generous gift.

All Fund a Future gifts support WTEF programs that provide a safe environment our student/athletes trust, where they can excel in academics and tennis.  These programs include:

                    Center for Excellence

                   Arthur Ashe Children’s Program

                   Community Programs

                   Tennis Clinics

WTEF provides inspiring teachers who help children strengthen their core skills in mathematics and reading to open new educational opportunities to them. We find dedicated coaches who teach sound fundamentals in tennis, a sport the children can enjoy and use to keep fit well into their senior years. And we find skilled mentors and counselors who teach them critical life skills and how to make choices and decisions that will lead to positive results.

The Fund a Future Campaign begins with you.  Please invest in our award-winning afterschool academic and athletic enrichment programs. See how your gift will change a future.

Take the challenge to change the life and future of a child, to bring hope and opportunity to an underprivileged boy or girl.  Fund a Future to Change a Future.