Hon. Henry Kennedy

Hon. Henry H. Kennedy Jr., a retired U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia, is among the many success stories that have come as a result of the Foundation. Making the most of the support he received from WTEF in his young and formative years, Kennedy now looks to influence future leaders as a Board member of WTEF.

He began playing tennis at the age of 12 and progressed to the point where he needed to play in national tournaments to hone his skills, a venture his parents couldn’t afford without some help. His Dad contacted what is now WTEF.  Over the course of two summers, Kennedy received a stipend to play national events from the Foundation.  When asked about the values he has taken from the WTEF and why it is such a great organization, he states “in learning to play tennis well, one develops the traits that are transferable to all aspects of life: persistence, focus and discipline.” 

Kennedy then went on to Princeton and was hired by WTEF during the summers to go to recreation centers and teach tennis. After finishing college and Harvard Law School, he returned to the Foundation, but this time as a member of the Board of Directors and served as President of WTEF in 1983 and 1984.

In his work on the Board of WTEF, he, along with others, has devoted his talents and resources to helping kids. Selflessly giving back to the organization that was an integral part of his life and success, Kennedy embodies the Foundation’s legacy and its promise for a bright and unlimited future. WTEF was proud to induct Kennedy into the inaugural class of the WTEF Hall of Fame earlier this year, and thanks him for his service!