Our New Center

For the last 20 years, WTEF’s vision has been to broaden our reach and impact the lives of DC children in need. In order to achieve this, WTEF has built a new Tennis, Education and Community Center located in Ward 7, right in the heart of the neighborhood where these children live and go to school.

The new site includes:

Six indoor courts and nine outdoor hard courts. WTEF will utilize smaller-dimensioned USTA QuickStart courts to provide a way to introduce tennis to youth ages 3-10, by utilizing special equipment and scoring that is tailored to their age and size.

Three classrooms and a large computer room.

A reception area and desk for check-in, small lounge area, and a storage area where students may keep their gear and books.

A 1,500 square foot community room with open floor plan to be used as an auditorium or multi-purpose room.

A fitness room with mats, exercise equipment and scales to monitor weight.

Offices for staff members, including administration, education, and program staff, plus a staff lounge.

A state-of-the art security system, which includes cameras, key-card access and gated outdoor courts.

This state-of-the-art $10 million facility will offer increased opportunities for a dramatic change in the lives of underserved children. WTEF will:

Serve more students: Over time, WTEF will serve twice as many students at the new facility through after-school and summer programming. In particular, the Center for Excellence will double its enrollment, while participation in the Arthur Ashe Children’s Program will increase by nearly 50%. The new facility will permit WTEF to reach younger children, ages 3 to 5, and offer services during times when other year-round programs are not open to this age group.

Increase retention rates: Through active community engagement, WTEF will be able to attract and retain more young people and to extend critical mentoring and support during their most at-risk years by offering a safe haven right in their own neighborhood.

Extend operating hours: With extended after-school and weekend hours, students will have increased access to mentors, computer labs and parent/child programs. By offering programs year round, the new facility will be able to provide additional structure and support all weekend, all winter and all day during the summer months.

Provide leadership opportunities: WTEF seeks to develop well-rounded and engaged citizens through an active focus on values and leadership. Students who excel during the school year will have the opportunity to work for WTEF and coach younger students during the summer months, providing employment and instilling a sense of community responsibility in the younger generation.

Serve as a community center: The location has the potential to become a gathering place for the neighborhood, encouraging greater parent participation, increasing staff/family dialogue, engaging families in program planning and providing meeting space for community needs. It will enable WTEF to offer programming and meeting space for adults and seniors, and coaching assistance for high school tennis teams. WTEF will continue working to develop additional programs that best meet the community’s needs.